Monday, October 20, 2008

Wellp, we've done it!
A new Etsy shop - this one for everything other than Jewelry. We're toying with a vintage and supplies shop as well - we like to keep busy busy!

What else?
This weekend was very productive! I have some super fun things to show you, but right now they are drying and I don't want to chance ruining them! Woot woot!
Also, C made one of the cards in the new shop ;) His first card ever!! Oh yes, we're very proud. Especially me, since I come from an amazing paper store. He always made fun of it [all in a loving way, of course!] and now he's doing it himself! HA!

Want a hint on what's in store for this week for the new shop?

Well my friends, that is all for now!


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