Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ah, a new blog to follow the adventures of LC! {Thats Lex and Caleb, not Lauren Conrad}

A proper introduction?

We're two college freshmen {we got a late start...} who moved to Missouri to start our own little life. Neither one of us has really adjusted, but all in due time.
I've always had a passion for art, and I'm going to school for graphic design. So naturally I've always had art supplies and projects laying everywhere. Caleb put up with it like a good boyfriend, but finally realized that he might as well join. And boy, was that smart! I never realized he was so good. He's into the technical stuff - you know, like using the drill bit and big table saw [that's what it's called, right??] and all that good jazz. I'm into the rest ;) As a chick, I was never taught to use big table tools, and the fact that my grandfather lost the end of two fingers from them definitely kept me away.

Right now we're focusing on a new Etsy venture, LC Fashion! I'm loving it, and hope to have at least 100 items by the end of the month. We have a few more wares that we're perfecting, and will open shops accordingly.

I'm also a photo/flickr fanatic and quite often will post my faves when there's a blog post because I'm so inspired by everything around me.

Anyways, enough rambling.
Here's some of my favorites from our shop today;

All $10 each. More tonight.


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great start...

cute earrings!