Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ahh, another Sunday - but this one is different.
C is away visiting friends, so I'm here by my lonesome.
It's ok though, because I've been slightly productive without him here. I made an Etsy Binder to track my orders. I also bought supplies to make 40 more pairs of earrings, which makes me very happy! I'm placing another order tonight so that I can make 50 custom pairs. Wooo!
I know I'm starting small scale here, but I can't wait until I have my studio space set up and am processing bulk orders.
I'm SO excited about selling them in the boutique, because they have been flying out the door like hot cakes there! Same with the cards from LCConcepts - I have already sold more than 60 cards there. Seems like selling cards online is a different story, though. I will have to keep playing with it, but really am focused on the earrings at LCFashion until I can put it on auto-pilot.

Lately I've been watching lots of musicals. Grease, Rent, Sweeney Todd. I think I'll put some Disney movies on today and create to those. I need movies that I don't have to pay much attention to, because I will get sucked it!

Cheers to everyone!


Devin said...

Disney movies are awesomw to create too.If you have watched them so much Like I have it just back ground noise ,because you already know whats going to happen lol

kim* said...

i too like musicals but havent seen any lately. my fave are Annie & hairspray :)